Released 06/01/2018                              Rated: R

So we saw this trailer a couple of times before other movies, and each time we were both like “Nah.” “This doesn’t look good.” And if it wasn’t for YouTube film reviewer Chris Stuckmann (I’ve mentioned him before) praising it we more than likely would have passed this one up. Holy crap! This movie is amazing, you guys! On multiple levels! Continue reading

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Released 06/18/1982                              Rated: PG

Out of all of the films I’m going to talk about today, I think this version is the one where we really get the most immersed in this world. Or at least it’s the one where I feel we get the entire picture. A full rendering of Annie’s life both at the orphanage and with Warbucks. We see how Hannigan treats the girls, and how Annie starts to soften the heart of a billionaire. Everything we need to make not only a good movie, but a convincing one. This includes Annie being a ball buster when it comes to bullies. http://www.impawards.com/1982/annie.htmlNow they tried to show that a little in the ’99 version, but it’s only the one scene with Pepper, so it doesn’t feel like a true part of her character there, but here it does. Continue reading

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A Quiet Place

Released 04/06/2018                              Rated: PG-13

The moment I saw the trailer I was like “Hell yes I’m seeing this!” I love a good horror/suspense and the premise of this one looked so intriguing. Plus I love Emily Blunt, and for her to being working alongside her husband on his directorial debut, I couldn’t wait. And it is amazing! Continue reading

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Ready Player One

Released 03/29/2018                              Rated: PG-13

Teaser trailer came out. I had never heard anything about this title in my life, but I was like “this movie’s going to be awesome!” Read the book. Fell in love with it from the word go. Couldn’t wait for the film to come out. Saw the movie. Mixed feelings. Continue reading

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Tomb Raider

Released 03/16/2018                              Rated: PG-13

So I loved this movie. Hands down the best video game to film adaptation ever. Why? Because it transcends the limitation of the video game and became a movie that can stand on its own. Not going to lie, I really enjoyed the first one with Angelina Jolie in 2001. That one was a lot of fun, but this recent release is a piece of work. Continue reading

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The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries
Released 08/03/2001                              Rated: G

I remember being so excited to see this movie when it came out. Never read the books. For some reason they just weren’t on my radar. But this movie had me itching to go to the theater. Continue reading

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The Boss Baby

Released 03/31/2017                              Rated: PG

When trailers for this movie started coming out I thought: “The marketing looks cute,” but I really had no desire to see this film. Still don’t, to be honest. But I was shocked, as was most of the world, to hear that this movie was nominated for Best Animated Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. Really? This movie? Up against titles like Ferdinand and Cocoa? (My money’s on Cocoa, by the way.) So now I feel like I have to watch this one. Continue reading

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