For about two years now I’ve been self-imposing a challenge with this blog. If I stay on top it, I can usually get out twenty-six posts a year, so I thought it’s be interesting to see if I could hit every letter of the alphabet. And thus, I have my 2017 challenge. This only gets really difficult when incorporating brand new releases, but we’re gonna give it a shot. Happy New Year!

Alien: Covenant | Beauty and the Beast | The Curse of Sleeping Beauty | The Dark Tower |
Eddie the Eagle | Friends with Benefits | Get Out | The Happening | IT | Jaws | Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Logan | The Mummy | The Nativity Story | Odd Thomas | Passengers | Queen of the Damned | The Ref | Spy Kids | Thanks for Sharing |
Up in the Air | The Voices |When in Rome | X-Men | You Again | Zombieland |

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Released 12/20/2017                              Rated: PG-13

I am such a big fan of the original movie that when I heard they were making a new one I was like “but why, though?” When the trailer released I knew this movie was going to go one of two ways: either it was going to surprise me, or it was going to be trash. I figured it’d be the latter, and resigned myself to not expect much from it. So much so that I wasn’t even planning on seeing it in theaters and figured I’d wait until it appeared on Netflix. But my cousin’s recommendation got my sister excited and we went. Guys, I don’t think I’ve had so much fun at the theater in a long time. Continue reading

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The Nativity Story

Released 12/01/2006                              Rated: PG

It absolutely blew my  mind when I discovered that Oscar Isaac played Joseph in this movie. Now that I know that, I can’t not see it. It’s incredible! And he has to be one of my favorite parts of the film. Just the way he always looks at Mary with such love and adoration is the most heart-warming thing I think I’ve ever seen. It also blew my mind that this film was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the very same woman who gave us the infamous first installment of the Twilight saga two years later. Continue reading

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The Ref

Released 03/11/1994                              Rated:R

We’ve been trying to see this one for a while, and it just never happened. But thanks to the freak snow days GA just had, we were finally able to sit down and watch it. I wasn’t expecting a black comedy, and that may be why I didn’t love it at first, but having viewed it a second time, I think it’s beginning to grow on me. Continue reading

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Christmas with the Kranks

Released 11/24/2004                              Rated: PG

I remember seeing this movie in theaters, and not being as thrilled with it as I’d hoped. Having rewatched it for this blog, …yeah, gonna have to go with my original reaction on this one. It’s kinda forgettable. Very middle of the road. Which sucks, because at least it was a change of pace from most Christmas movies. Continue reading

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The Happening

Released 06/13/2008                              Rated: R

What the hell did I just watch? No, seriously……what did I just watch? Continue reading

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Released 10/02/2009                              Rated: R

So we missed this one when it came out. I want to say we’ve had people recommending it to us, and that’s the reason why we bought the blu-ray who knows how long ago, but I honestly can’t remember. We have a tendency in our house to purchase movies and never get around to watching them. That doesn’t happen so much any more now that the biggest contributor to that habit went out of business earlier this year. (My husband and I alone should have kept that store afloat with how often we were there, lol!) Not sure what I was expecting per say, but it wasn’t what I got. There are a few reasons as to why I probably didn’t care for this film. Continue reading

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Queen of the Damned

Released 02/22/2002                              Rated: R

This movie was confusing, and I read roughly half the book so I could at least piece together what was supposed to be going on. But the book was also confusing at first, and a chore to get through. I may go back and finish it one day, as difficult as it was for me to care, but I’ll definitely take the book over this movie. Continue reading

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