For about two years now I’ve been self-imposing a challenge with this blog. If I stay on top it, I can usually get out twenty-six posts a year, so I thought it’s be interesting to see if I could hit every letter of the alphabet. And thus, I have my 2017 challenge. This only gets really difficult when incorporating brand new releases, but we’re gonna give it a shot. Happy New Year!

Alien: Covenant | Beauty and the Beast | The Curse of Sleeping Beauty | D | E |
Friends with Benefits | Get Out | H | I | Jaws | K | Logan | M | N | O | Passengers | Q | R | Spy Kids | T | Up in the Air | The Voices |When in Rome | X | You Again | Z |

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Up in the Air

Released 12/23/2009                              Rated: R

For the most part, I liked it. It’s an interesting look on both lifestyle and relationship choices. George Clooney and Anna Kendrick are great as always. The majority of bigger names attached to this project had smaller roles than expected, but considering the premise, was great. Continue reading

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Released 03/03/2017                              Rated: R

Many people are praising Logan is the best superhero film, but I disagree. However, I will say it’s the best Wolverine film. Best overall superhero movie is a bit of a stretch. Just because it’s different doesn’t automatically make it supreme. I loved The Avengers, and Winter Soldier, and my fingers are crossed for Wonder Woman. Logan is more akin to a modern Western than a generic comic book film, and I love it; it absolutely works! Continue reading

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Alien: Covenant

Released 05/19/2017                              Rated: R

More often than not I’ll walk into a theater just praying the movie doesn’t suck, but not actually holding my breath for a great film. I’m going to be honest: didn’t have high hopes for this movie. The trailer seemed like it gave away all the major points, including the scene where the Xenomorph is bashing its skull against the windshield of the ship in broad daylight… [sigh] Prometheus wasn’t great, and my husband and I were painfully reminded by rewatching that film 24-hours previous to seeing Covenant. OMG, you guys, this movie is awesome!! The trailer didn’t give away a thing!
Continue reading

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Jaws 1-4

Released 06/20/1975                              Rated: PG

I was shown this movie in preparation for our family trip and first time to Universal Studios Orlando, FL one summer. Obviously I wasn’t in love with it at the time, but I can appreciate it now. The ride was pretty cool, and I hate that it’s gone now, but I’ll take Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley any day. Continue reading

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Spy Kids

Released 03/30/2001                              Rated: PG

“My parents can’t be spies! They’re not cool enough!”

I’m not gonna lie, I kept putting off rewatching this movie because I was so afraid it was going to be much cheesier than I remembered. I loved this movie as a kid, so it was definitely a trip down memory lane. There are plenty of green screen issues, BUT I still say this is one of the better kid’s movies out there. There are definitely others with both worse effects and child acting, but Spy Kids is on the top of my list for creativity and story. Continue reading

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The Voices

Released 02/06/2015                              Rated: R

This is another movie whose trailer I first found on YouTube. I had forgotten about it, actually. I was in the library, going through their very small V section of movies (for my 2017 challenge) because I wasn’t very interested in watching Vampire Academy, and then I saw this. It’s been probably two years since I saw the trailer, and all I really remembered was that Ryan Reynolds hears his pets talking to him, but sometimes you just have to take a semi-blind leap. Continue reading

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Then vs. Now: Beauty and the Beast

Released 11/22/1991                              Rated: G

It should come as no surprise that I am a Disney kid. And I don’t just mean that I’ve http://www.impawards.com/1991/beauty_and_the_beast_ver5.htmlseen them all; I mean I watched them on repeat throughout my childhood, and know most of these movies by heart. I haven’t seen The Little Mermaid in probably fifteen years, but my friend’s daughter wanted to watch it when they came over recently, so we put it on. Merely hearing the audio through the walls (because sound carries so well in my house) it was like I was a child again. I could picture every scene so clearly in my head. It’s almost scary. Continue reading

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