Released 7/9/10                               Rated: R

My first entry is going to be on the movie I most recently saw: Predators. First of all, can I just ask, what is with filmmakers simply tacking an ‘S’ on to the end of a title and it being a sequel? Is it just to confuse the hell out of us? Ok, rant over.

Overall opinion: action flick, no story. The trailer made the movie look like a horror film, fight for survival, edge-of-your-seat suspense, good movie. So not the case. There was only one scene that I was creeped-out by, and everything else were all action sequences. Nothing was really explained, there was no character development, and, to be honest, not even that many predators, which was a major disappointment. Characters died needlessly, and you didn’t really care about them.

Now, in the first movie, Predator (released 6/12/1987, rated R) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger–which was awesome by the way!–you were first brought in to the story, and thereby got to know the and were sad when they started to get picked off. In the 2010 version, you’re just thrown into this world along with these characters, which can be a good tactic, but like I said, I don’t feel as though I was fully brought into this world, or knew these people. There are a few throw-backs to the first movie, but it was almost like they were the wrong throw-backs. There were some other things that were left out that would have made this so much better!

In the first movie, the predator studied its prey. And it learned as it hunted them. This isn’t shown in this film. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the movie, doesn’t it? The storyline is that these predators somehow picked the deadliest killers on Earth and brought them to some game preserve to hunt them because it’s a challenge. If it’s such a challenge, why don’t we see them learning about how to defeat the human prey they’re hunting? Or at least struggling with it a little more. I can only think of one scene which I’m proud of, and it’s the one that creeped me out, but I only thought it implied that the predator learned something; maybe it didn’t. By showing these predators study, and learn, and capture their game *because* they did this, would have at least been creepier.

Another thing is that these predators were barely seen at all through the movie. In the 1987 film we go back and forth between the humans and the predator, kind of getting glimpses of the other side of the story. Barely any views from the heat-sensing vision with the little voice tracker on the side that is the viewpoint of these predators. No real stealth-mode predators circling the group. On top of all that there is only one scene in the 2o1o movie where all the predators are together. After that, I pretty much thought there was only one that just kept coming back!

There was a nice little twist toward the end of the movie, but I think that could have been explored a little more. Overall I think you saw more neon blood than you did human blood. And then it just kinda turned in to a fist fight. There had to have been another way to bring about the climactic point of this film.

Good idea, bad follow through.

However, if you haven’t seen the first one, I would recommend it! It was suspenseful, and a little creepy; not overpoweringly obvious that it was made in the 80s. Good film. Creepy ending. Well-made.

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