A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released 4/30/2010                              Rated: R

http://blogs.bet.com/entertainment/whattheflick/movie-review-elm-street/Ohmygoodness this movie was uber creepy!!

Ok, now, I’m not a big horror fan; I freak out too easily–not so much when I’m watching the movie, but when I have to go to bed afterwards. LOL. But every now and again I’ll want to see a horror film that looks good. And I did.

This movie was very dark. Very well put together. I haven’t seen the original, only a couple of trailers for it, so I can’t compare the two side by side or anything.  I have, however, read that the makers of this movie wanted to go back to the original idea Wes Craven had (writer and director of the 1984 film), and make it scarier. They definitely succeeded.

Freddy Krueger looks more like a burn victim, and he is all business about killing these kids; there is no playing around in this film. I couldn’t watch any of the death scenes. My boyfriend had to cover my eyes. 😛 Especially the first one. Maybe just because it was the most “realistic” of all of them.

This movie was well-thought out, everything was connected, you got a back-story on Freddy, it was creepy, you sat on the edge of your seat the whole time, it was dark; completely opposite of what the other movies look like.

My only ‘complaint’ would be that I thought Elm Street had a more prominent role in the movie. I mean, it’s called A Nightmare on Elm Street. But other than that, I liked it!

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2 Responses to A Nightmare on Elm Street

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    ” and he is all business about killing these kids”

    –easily the best line in this blog! I wish that could be a title to a movie!

    Good job shweatums. Though I must say, this blog post is far more laidback than most of your previous entries.

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