Clash of the Titans

Released 4/2/10                              Rated: PG-13

I like Greek mythology. I guess it started by watching Xena when I was little; loved that show. So I was excited to see this film. Unfortunately for me it was a bit of a let down. I did not see it in 3D, but I can’t imagine that would have made much of a difference.

As far as the mythology goes, I suppose I wanted more interaction with the gods. It is called Clash of the Titans after all. Doesn’t that mean some type of discrepancy between the gods? Don’t get me wrong, there was, but show them interacting with each other. I want to see their different personalities and how they worked together, or against each other, or how they toyed/helped/interacted with humanity. I wanted them to be a part of this world, which they were, but they were more like just up-in-the-sky type deities, all sitting in a circle and since Zeus is the leader, he’s the only one who talks. They had a little bit of interaction with humanity, but it was very minimal. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Xena.

Now, as for the humans, that was just kind of meh; pretty typical. Here’s what I liked: a group of soldiers bringing down a statue of Zeus, the story of how Medusa came to be, the boat ride to the Underworld, and the King and Queen who, in a sense, challenge the gods. What I didn’t really like: the ‘religious’ nut (I guess you could call him that), actually at one point I hoped maybe he was more than he seemed just because he annoyed me that much; the fight with the giant scorpions… I felt like there could have been more obstacles on their quest. The princess seemed a little off; she could have been better.

I guess I just felt like Perseus was dragging the audience through this world. We didn’t really get to savor any of it. If you’re going to bring me in to Greek mythology, I want to be immersed in it. I want to see Greek architecture, people paying homage or cursing the gods, the gods interacting with each other and toying with humanity because they are bored, the scandals of the gods producing children with humanity, conspiracies, legends, quests for power, tempers flaring, destruction. I don’t know! I’m rambling.

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  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen Xena. I watched a bit of Hercules, but never Xena.

    That’s the path film seems to be on these days: more action, less story. For instance, Predators, which had a cool world to it, was essentially just one big trek through typicality, as far as action movies go. Some films, and their plot, are just better suited for more story, especially those that have interesting worlds. We haven’t seen a good Greek Mythology movie in a while, and yet it is so ripe with potential.

    It is kinda saddening.

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