Scott Pilgrim VS. the World

Released: 8/13/10                              Rated: PG-13

Unfortunately too many people have written this movie off as a waste of time. I’ll admit that I had my reservations when I saw the trailer, but I loved it from the very beginning. Literally. The first thing you see is a pixilated Universal logo with the theme music sounding like it’s coming from an old Nintendo system. They actually pulled this movie off, and it’s brilliant! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE GET THIS MOVIE??

This is one of those movies where every time you watch it you discover something new. My Visual Communications professor gave us a quiz on this movie FOR OUR FINAL. There is so much in this movie if you just take the time to look. Nothing about Scott Pilgrim was thrown together at the last minute. Everything was carefully decided, but they pulled it off in a way that seems effortless.

Basically this movie is what life would be like if life were like a video game/graphic novel. We’ve all imagined it, whether your tastes cater to video games, or movies, or music videos. And here it is in physical form. This movie is everything. It’s colorful, it’s funny, it’s clever; it’s perfect is what it is. Brilliantly cast, and excellently put together. I cannot get enough of this movie.

People have tried to successfully make a good movie from cartoons or anime to live action. This is the only one that works because this movie still holds that quirkiness that only comes from animation. Most of which is achieved through the editing. Hats off to everyone who had a hand in making this movie, they couldn’t have done better. I’m truly sorry the rest of the world won’t give it a chance.

 You have to give in to it and accept it for what it is; if you go in thinking ‘this is stupid’ your not going to enjoy what a freakin’ awesome movie this is. Just rent it and try it out.  If it’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen….well, that’s your opinion and there’s no hope for you.  🙂 

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1 Response to Scott Pilgrim VS. the World

  1. Randy says:

    As a video game connoisseur, i sincerely appreciated this movie. I agree that the editing was a large part of the experience, as were the special effects. Other than that though, this movie has everything; a hero we can all relate to, a badass enemy at the end, angry asians, and a bunch of martial arts. also has credible actors who really bring the story to life. a must see

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