Steel Magnolias

Released 1989                              Rated: PG

This is just the best movie. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and it’ll stay with you forever. I showed it to my boyfriend and even he likes it. You just can’t go wrong popping this in the DVD player.

To pu it in a nutshell, Steel Magnolias is about friends and family. But I can assure you that it’s not your normal run-of-the-mill chick flick. This movie is perfect. Set in Louisiana in the time span of one year, we follow this group of women through some big, and some not so big moments in their lives.

And this film would not be as great as it is without the fantastic cast that it has. A young Julia Roberts plays the big-hearted Shelby, daughter of M’Lynn played by Sally Field. Field’s ability to change emotions on a dime is the finishing touch on one particular scene. She plays a great mother who is both worrying and loving. Then Shirley MacLaine and Dolly Pardon make up just a part of the group of gossiping friends at the beauty salon, run by Truvee, Pardon’s character, out of her own home. Ouiser (pronounced Weezer) MacLaine’s character, has to be the best character ever made. Sayings she’s “just been in a very bad mood for forty years,” she describes herself perfectly. She has a bit of a mouth, a sharp wit, and a scowl that is almost etched into her face. Each of these friends brings something different to their group so their times together are never boring.

Full of one-liners that are sure to outweigh the crying moments, this movie is quotable from beginning to end. And it will never cease to put a smile on your face.

“My colors are Blush and Bashful.”
“Her colors are pink and pink. …That sanctuary looks like it’s been hosed down with Pepto bismol.” –Shelby & M’Lynn
“This is football. All people want to hear about is touchdowns and injuries.” –Ouizer
“Sammy’s so confused he doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt.” –Truvey
“We’ll talk about uncomfortable when you’re nine-months pregnant.” –Annelle
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