Young Frankenstein

Released 1974                              Rated: PG

You just can’t beat Mel Brooks. His movies are some of the best parodies you’ll ever see. And Young Frankenstein is no exception. Fun bit of trivia, Brooks wanted the film to be in black and white, both to pay homage to the original stories and cuz Frankenstein in color is just not done. But the studio he was working with at the time didn’t want to do that, so Brooks switched to Twentieth Century Fox, who let him shoot it as he wanted.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a must-see. It’s comedy that you don’t really get anymore. Nowadays the only comedy Hollywood is making is the retarded films that only the think are funny. It’s stupid, and is a crime against what comedy used to be. I refuse to see movies like Epic Movie, or Disaster Movie, or the most recent Vampires Suck, because they are too stupid to be funny if you ask me, and I will probably lose braincells watching them. There’s a better way to make fun of other movies. Is this the best Hollywood has to offer? If so, we’re in trouble.

Brooks’ films never lose their viewers by trying too hard to be funny. The comical aspect of his movies integrates with the plot so seamlessly that the end result is pure perfection. It’s little things like how Frankenstein pronounces his name Fraunkunsteen to try to get away from the reputation of his great grandfather, so Igor sorta makes fun of him and says his is pronounced I-gore when they meet. And how Igor can’t remember the label on the brain he stole to put in the monster, so he says it was Abby someone. Abby Normal. Or how because Frankenstein is being strangled by the monster, he has to resort to charades to get either of his assistants to do something about it. And then there just Marty Feldman, who plays Igor, with his crazy eyes; enough said.   🙂  It’s just the small bits that make this film light up with laughs. And with Gene Wilder both the star and collaborating on the story, it’s just one you have to see.

Definitely a classic. Worth it to own, without question. So funny.

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3 Responses to Young Frankenstein

  1. Redhead says:

    omg, i love that movie. My husband and I will be someplace random, like the grocery store, and one of us will say some random quote from that movie. the other person will laugh their head off, and suddenly all sorts of strangers are staring at us. ’tis awesome.

    Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles are my favorite Mel Brooks flicks!

  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    “What Huge Knockers!!!”

    FraunkenSteen: “Were-Wolf!”
    I-gore: “NO, There Wolf. There Castle.”
    FraunkenSteen: “Why are you talking like that?”
    I-gore: “Oh, I thought you wanted to.”

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