The Joneses

Released 4/16/10                              Rated: R

I didn’t really like this movie. The trailer made it look better than it was, but not by much. And it wasn’t all that funny, so I don’t know how it got those quotes on the poster, but that’s just my opinion. If I had to sum it up in one word: blah. from the trailer you can gather that the Joneses are a family who appear to have everything. And that they’re not actually a family, but a team of sales marketers–I guess you could call them. They are each supposed to get their peers to buy the stuff that they, the Joneses, have been given to show off. So I thought this movie was going to focus a little bit more on the crazy/awesome products that are drifting around the market and how the team indirectly sells these items to everyone. There were some interesting gadgets that I personally don’t believe anyone could really afford, but it wasn’t the main focus at all. The products were just kinda thrown in there, but that’s part of their selling tactic.

Obviously the team starts to have issues within itself. If I weren’t trying to avoid spoilers I could label every person in the “family,” but if you still decide to watch the movie, don’t worry, you can figure it out by yourself. (I have to leave something unturned.)

This movie just goes to show how painfully materialistic America really is. It goes a bit extreme, but maybe it’s a wake up call. All I can say is buying things doesn’t bring you happiness, which is a lesson one of the characters learns, however his solution isn’t exactly what you would call ideal.

So like I said, this movie is bland. It’s not funny, and there’s nothing really going on to keep you tuned in. I wasn’t.

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  1. Jimmy Wrynn says:

    This is an interesting article, I concur with most of the points. thanks for this posting !

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