Released 1982                              Rated: PG

You just can’t deny the guilty pleasure that is Tootsie. Dustin Hoffman is just phenomenal playing an actor posing as an actress. The laughs just never stop coming.

As an apparently very picky and particular actor, Michael Dorsey is having some difficulty finding work when he really needs the money. So what does he do when his agent tells him that no one will hire him? He creates Dorothy Michaels: a red-head character-actress who’s not afraid to speak her mind to at least get a reading for the part. A last resort, no doubt, which I wonder where he would have gone from there had he not landed the role.

Weird things begin to happen the longer Michael continues to be Dorothy; such as the absolute weirdest love “diagram” ever captured on film (and I only say diagram because there just is no shape it could actually take).

What’s really great about this movie is the fact that you forget that it’s really Dustin Hoffman under the wig and the makeup. My boyfriend did, LOL. It’s only when you see this little woman and then all of a sudden she has this booming voice that we remember who it really is. (I wish I had an audio clip to link to, but sadly, it hasn’t been working out)

The smile will never leave your face throughout the entire move. Bill Murray’s character, the roommate, keeps coming with the quips, Michael starts getting in to all kinds of trouble, and his agent begs him to get some therapy.

One of my favorite movies out there. I highly recommend you see it.  🙂

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