Released 11/24/10                              Rated: PG

Disney has found some of its old magic again! I haven’t been thrilled by a (solely) Disney animated film since Treasure Planet in 2002. Disney’s live-action as well as Pixar’s films are different stories, though.

I thought this movie was done very well. I easily fell in love with all of the characters. Rapunzel was a spunky eighteen-year-old who had this awkwardness about her. But they made it funny. It’s her mannerisms; like how she climbs up on Flynn Rider when something in the bushes frightens her. She is headstrong about what she believes in, even if the world she’s been kept locked away from all her life does scare her a bit. I absolutely loved how her weapon of choice is her frying pan. Ah, this movie is perfect.

I was most proud of the villain. Disney doesn’t really do the attractive bad guy. If they’re not fat, they’re ugly, unless they’re both. Maleficent is probably the closest they’ve ever come, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call her attractive. Maybe elegant? However Sleeping Beauty was made in 1959, so it’s been a while.

Disney has had its villains act to win over the protagonist before, but I don’t think any of the others could match Mother Gothel. She knows how to assess a situation and quickly figure out what will best work for her purposes. It certainly seems like she cares for Rapunzel, but really she’s just protecting the 70 feet of long golden hair that has magical powers for her own selfish reasons. And she is quick to turn from sweet to lethal to keep what she wants within her grasp. Even when she’s pretending to be sweet you can tell that her true nature is lurking just beneath the surface.

Flynn Ridhttp://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/08/01/tangled-movie-poster-is-out/er was also a wonderful character. Maybe he just reminded me a lot of my boyfriend?? LOL. He’s not your normal hero. At first he’s just trying to get rid of Rapunzel, but then sparks start to fly. However, he is very resistant to her charms at first, much like how she is with his. I think my favorite part is when the group of thugs try to get Rider to talk about his dream and he’s like “Sorry. I don’t sing.” Next instant he’s got thirty swords pointed at him.

Part of how Tangled re-captures Disney’s old magic is through the use of song. The characters sing the songs as opposed to there just being a background soundtrack. Even with their recent movies I can’t think of the last time they had this feature. (Technically: Princess and the Frog, but you get what I mean.) My favorites are the first two songs, “When Will My Life Begin,” and “Mother Knows Best.” Both are catchy songs and great montages in the movie. The first is of Rapunzel’s life stuck in the tower, and the other is Mother Gothel trying to dissuade Rapunzel from wanting to leave the tower.

The animation looks more Pixar-like, meaning it’s more three dimensional as to how flat Aladdin looked. The characters look more like actual people than just cartoons. The world looks real too. Disney hasn’t lost its touch making beautiful scenery. The kingdom and the country-side look amazing. Definitely something out of a fairytale.

Overall I thought this was an interesting twist to an ancient tale. It was well done, and makes more sense than the original version of the fairytale, but that’s just my opinion. This movie wasn’t just thrown together to entertain five-year-olds. You can tell that a lot of work went in to this film and it paid off. I definitely think Disney has struck gold.

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1 Response to Tangled

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Interesting. Aside from the singing and song aspects, you really have me intrigued enough to watch this. Plus, ya know, the fact that you name dropped me in the article helps a little too. 😉

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