Mamma Mia!

Released 7/18/08                              Rated: PG-13 Mia has finally come to the big screen after being a hit on Broadway for so long. This is such a feel-good movie; it’s bound to cheer you up even if you’re not having a bad day! I have never had a musical make me want to get up and dance before, but let me tell you, when I saw this in theaters I wanted to get up and dance. I knew right then that I had to own this movie. And I do!

OK, here’s the story. Sophie is about to get married. What she really wants is her father to give her away. The only problem is, she doesn’t know which one he is, because she finds out she has a possibility of three. When she invites all three men to her wedding without tell her mom, things start to get a little hairy. Especially when none of the men realize the exact reason why they have been invited to the wedding when they haven’t spoken to Donna in years. The race is on for both mother and daughter: Donna wants all three men off the island and away from her daughter, and Sophia wants to figure out which is her father; each without letting the other one know what’ s going on.

This music has been redone for the movie. The choreography that they have is great. The scenery is beautiful. Everyone does a fantastic job as their respective characters. There’s only one thing I would have changed. During the song “Money Money Money” there is small scene of random servants popping up on a boat deck and singing the chorus. That is the only part that looks cheesy to me. Other than that this is a great movie. If you’re ever in need of some smiles, I would pick this one up.

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1 Response to Mamma Mia!

  1. AdrianLewis says:

    Umm. Meh?

    I mean I haven’t seen the movie, but the plot synopsis does not excite me. However, I think that you did a good job of showing your enthusiasm for it. That part does make me want to see the movie, if nothing else, than to see you dance.

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