The Birdcage

Released 1996                              Rated: R

You just can’t beat the fantastic duo of Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. And they are absolutely hysterical in this film! To be honest, Lane steals the show completely, but Williams finds his time to shine too. They really should pair up again. This movie is a round of laughs coming at you from all directions. two people get engaged their families meet. But I guarantee a meeting has never gone down like this one. Armand and Albert live in South Florida. He owns the drag club downstairs, and “she” stars in it. However the Keeley’s could not be more opposite. As Mr. Keeley is a conservative US Senator, it’s apparent that the lifestyle of the Goldman’s would not go over so well with his ideals. And seeing as how he is currently trying to get out of a scandal one of his allies left him in, it wouldn’t look so good for him if his future in-laws were gay. What is a family to do? Try to play it straight.

As I said before, Nathan Lane is the icing on the cake for this movie. He is the perfect gay guy. Especially one who’s trying to come off as straight, and doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing. Anyone else just wouldn’t have made this movie shine. Full of one-liners, pizazz, and drag queen drama, this feature is a perfect addition to any collection. A brilliant comedy.

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