Sucker Punch

Released 3/25/11                              Rated: PG-13 to begin?? Despite all the reviews dubbing this movie as sub-par, this movie rocked! It wasn’t overdone, it wasn’t underdone, it was just brilliant. It had everything it needed, and for a PG-13 rating, it was awesome. This is sooooo going on my Christmas list.  🙂

I don’t really read reviews for movies. I guess I’m afraid of the writer’s influence or that something will be spoiled for me. But I just read (on Wikipedia) that some idiot compared Sucker Punch to Last Airbender. WHAT MOVIE WERE THEY WATCHING???! This movie is glorious compared to the atrocity that was Airbender! I think the problem with all these people who gave the movie negative reviews is the fact that they didn’t get it. Either they were too old and were bored, or they were too young and only went for the girls with guns, and hoping for some nudity; both of whom completely missed the meaning behind the whole thing. This movie was sad as well as action-packed. I thought it all blended very well. It’s hard for Hollywood to do that nowadays.

I was slightly confused at first because there are so many levels to this feature. But then my boyfriend explained it to me and I was like “duh” (slap hand on forehead). The movie’s about escapism; about dealing with the cruel prison that is reality. Babydoll has basically had her world turned upside down in a very small amount of time and can’t deal with it, so she escapes into her mind. We have three levels: the real world, a glamorized version  of the world according to Babydoll, and then her escape fantasies. Every “level” has its own look and even texture, so it’s easy to tell them apart. Zack Snyder really took his time carving this out.

A lot of people are arguing over whether this movie is about female-empowerment or objectification. Personally, I think it’s empowerment through objectification. This is another reason why people didn’t get it. They saw one or the other, but not both. Video games have been objectifying women for a long time. And since this movie has everything you could want out of a video game in it, it brings empowerment through the exploitations programmers have taken with their female characters. Locked away, helplessness, sleazy outfits, sexual desire…everything except the nudity. Other video game elements include quests, shooters, zombies, 10-ft stone samurai, and an old guy who gives instructions. I don’t play a lot of video games, especially these kinds, but I loved every second of this movie.

What’s even better is that this story is original! It’s not based off of anything which is refreshing. Zack Snyder was in charge of this from start to finish, and I think he did a fantastic job. It wasn’t all action, it wasn’t all story; a perfect blend. I’m sorry the majority of critics didn’t get it, and neither did most audience members. But if you know you have a good idea, go for it!

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2 Responses to Sucker Punch

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    “Other video game elements include quests, shooters, zombies, 10-ft stone samurai, and an old guy who gives instructions.”

    And an old guy who gives instructions….? Video games do not commonly have guides of this nature, but I understand your sentiment. Perhaps adding in a slight political jab would make more sense and add more of a humorous tone, since old guys do essentially give you, the player, instructions (as most video game developers are old guys). Maybe? No? Well fine!

    Great Job babe! I enjoy reading your writing! This blog is a perfect example of your abilities.

    • mlewis1214 says:

      Hence the “I don’t play a lot of video games” line. I don’t know why I thought of it, but it seemed to fit. Diablo, maybe.
      I know they don’t all have these things, but some of them do!

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