Julie & Julia

Released 8/7/09                              Rated: PG-13

There are two things things this movie makes you want to do: cook and blog. The few dishes they actually show in this movie look so delicious it’s just crazy! I’m actually watching it while I’m blogging about it!! 😛 This movie is what actually put the idea in my head for this blog. I had a blog in college for a class, but it was about books I liked. I must say I like this blog better. This way I strive to see more movies and broaden my taste in film and test different genres and such.

Based on two true stories, this film is split between both Julie Powell in 2002 in New York cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, and Julia Child in 1949 in France learning how to cook as well as trying to get a cookbook published.

What I love about Julie Powell’s half of the film is that it shows all aspects of her self-imposed assignment of cooking through Julia Child’s cookbook and blogging about it. First of all she chose this because she loves to cook, but she’s not a real cook. She was probably like the rest of us who only knows how to prepare chicken two ways. (And in my case that’s grill it or bake it.) She also loves Julia Child. On the one hand, her dishes turn out to look amazing! On the other, she has meltdowns due to the stress of it all. A good deal of these recipes are in every way foreign to her. I mean, aspics… really? I’d probably collapse to tears as well if I had to try to cook that! I honestly don’t think I could even purchase it.

Cooking though a cookbook really is a crazy assignment, but I think I’d like to try it one day. Maybe. Depends on the book. I don’t think I would blog about it though. I can’t get people to actually read this blog as it is. I do wish we could have seen a little more in terms of how Julie went through this process, and some more of the dishes she made, but I suppose they had to whittle it down to a highlighted few.

The beginning of Julia Child’s story is what I love most about her side of the movie. When she and her husband first move to France and she’s trying to figure out what to do with herself. She goes from making hats, to learning how to play bridge, to cooking lessons where they  only teach how to boil an egg. Her determination to learn how to cook is just inspiring. I love how she is out to prove to everyone that she can do it. “…until they discovered I was fearless. Something I found out just about the same time they did!”

The cast is just great. Streep, Adams, and Tucci all are wonderful and work well together. I have no idea how Meryl Streep’s accent holds for the rest of you, but I found it amusing. I just found this movie to be very heartwarming and lovable. This one is a keeper.


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