Released 5/13/11                              Rated: R

Bridesmaids has been advertised as the female version of The Hangover…that guys can watch too. (????) That’s just a weird sentence. Anyway, having seen both parts one and two of The Hangover, and this poster, I thought this movie was going be a bit more crude, but I’d have to say that I liked it. If Hollywood made more “chick flicks” like this I would definitely be in to it.

So the worst thing about this movie is probably the one scene of potty-humor. Plenty of F-words flying around, but I thought it worked and wasn’t overdone. Even the sex scenes were done tastefully! No nudity, which was just awesome. I don’t need to see everybody’s everything. How often does that happen for an R-rated film, really?

All the characters, as well as the actors, were great. I felt everyone connected with each other and what they were supposed to be portraying. Everybody had their own vibe and you either loved them or hated them. Melissa McCarthy definitely stole the show; she was the most hilarious. But what really sold this movie for me was the relationships and how they either worked or they didn’t due to whatever. And this group of women included all kinds of flavors. The jealous best friend, the lonely housewife, the innocent one, the crazy single chick, and the mother of three boys who needs to get away, all friends of the one bride-to-be.

The Hangover was a bunch of laughs whilst trying to figure out what happened to the groom; Bridesmaids had an underlying message about friendship, as well as taking control of your life, while still being funny. It’s a chick-flick with wit replacing the sap. Check it out.

And thank you! Kristen Wiig for not wanting to make a sequel just because the first one made money. Finally, somebody in Hollywood gets it!

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