The Fourth Kind

Released 11/6/09                              Rated: PG-13

This film was definitely interesting in how they made it. Sold as a true story, this movie actually continuously bounces back and forth (and sometimes both) between “actual footage” and an actor portrayal. Let me just say this right now: it’s all completely fictional. Albeit its presentation is extremely cogent; the people, the cases, and the “found” footage is and only made for the movie. Unfortunately, this is the only thing about this movie that makes it enticing enough to see.

It’s not just the “based on true events” aspect that makes movies like this interesting; it’s the fact that they had “actual footage,” (and yes, I’m going to continue to put the quotation marks around it). “Actual footage,” distorted footage, audio recordings…. There’s a reason why ABC Family keeps bringing back The Scariest Places On Earth show every October. These elements take us out of Hollywood’s world of perfect lighting, visuals, and sound and bring us into a false sense of reality.

Other than that there’s really nothing all that special about this movie. It might make you jump, but if you’re looking for actual aliens, I suggest you find another movie. If your imagination runs away with you sometimes, this might spook you. Otherwise it’s just kinda blah. It jumps between the “real” interview, the actor portrayal, and the “actual footage,” all with the actor portrayal combining everything together. It was a little too slow for me. Not enough “evidence” I guess.

Gimmicks were enticing, but that was it.

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  1. This really answered my dilemma, thank you!

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