Back To The Future

Released 7/3/85                              Rated: PG

Back to the Future has to be the best trilogy of all time, and it wasn’t even planned that way! Originally meant to be a single film, Back to the Future was nominated for an Academy Award for best original screenplay. What I love is that it’s just enough science fiction to make the story interesting, but not so much as to lose viewers in the details. This is a movie the whole family can enjoy, it’s hilarious and wonderfully original. It’s too bad Hollywood doesn’t make ’em like this anymore. 😦

(I’m going to nerd-out in this post, just FYI.)

I always find it crazy when I discover that something or someone was originally intended for the film that was somehow changed into the masterpiece that became of it. For instance, Michael J. Fox had scheduling issues with another project and could not commit to the role as Marty. They picked another actor; however, after a few weeks into production Marty needed to be recast and Fox was able to take up the role. Christopher Lloyd is the absolute perfect Doc Brown. With the crazy hair and animated movements and expressions he is both loveable and a brilliant comedic force! All the actors are amazing. This movie is just perfect. And I think it will forever stand the test of time. No matter when you see it for the first time, it will never seem outdated.

Another change, though this was in the pre-production phase, was that the time machine was originally supposed to be more like a chamber of some sort, leaning more toward that of a refrigerator. But they thought maybe kids would try to play in their home refrigerators, so they changed it to a car, which made it easier plot-wise. Good thing too, it seems like all the other time machines I’ve seen have all be stationary. Where’s the fun in that? And they chose the DeLorean because it could appear more easily as a spaceship with how the doors open upwards. I never thought we actually made cars like that; thought it was just something specifically for the movie. Guess that shows how much I know.

No one was sure how the film was going to be accepted, and so they had a first screening where nobody actually knew what they were walking in to. The trilogy box set special features goes into depth about how the audience reacted. Like, how no one really knew where the story was going the first twenty or so minutes in, and how they were all on edge when the dog first jumped in time. It’s just too crazy to even think about. This movie could have been a flop, but it turned out to be so amazing that they actually brought it back to theaters for its 25th anniversary! I freakin’ saw this movie in theaters!! (This movie’s older than I am, so yes, I was excited.)

This movie is just perfect. If you haven’t seen it you must. Characters are great, story is awesome, and the actors I applaud. This movie is the best time travel film I’ve ever seen. And the way they complicate things later is absolutely brilliant. The score to the movie is epic and fits perfectly. And did you know… [spolier alert] at the end of the movie the flying DeLorean was only supposed to be a joke? (Like I said earlier, it was only meant to be one film.)

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One Response to Back To The Future

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    You, madame, are indeed a nerd! However, you failed to mention that the actor who replaced Fox and then was subsequently replaced BY Fox, was Eric Stolz. You may remember him from a certain movie called Pulp Fiction, where he was the argumentative heroin dealer to John Travolta’s Vincent character. The reason Stolz was axed was because he was too serious an actor, who knew not comedic timing. They filmed the majority of the movie with Stolz, so somewhere, out there, is a cut of Back to The Future WITHOUT Micheal J. Fox. We still need to play the online games…

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