The Thing

Released 6/25/82                              Rated: R

What’s great about this movie is that it can be for everyone. For the simple viewer, who just wants a gory monster movie, and for the involved viewer, who looks a little deeper and wants to figure things out. Obviously not everything is explained, hence the title: The Thing. But the movie is like a puzzle, or as one reviewer put it, a chess game. It’s all about figuring out who is the thing and when did that happen. There are clues throughout the movie, you just have to pay attention or you won’t catch it.

This movie was gross, but it was soooooo good. I had to look away a lot; it was just nasty. It’s not a complete gore-fest like most horror movies are today, but what it does have isn’t typical of all these other movies. Now, due to the time period of this movie, the creature(s) and special effects were shot with actual props and make-up and I think stop-motion, so it’s more real to me than it would be with even today’s CGI. It’s possible someone will check out this movie after reading this and go “This is lame!” but it creeped me out. Yes, it’s old, but it works!

Honestly, I have no idea what makes this such a good movie. It’s different from other survival horror movies. Normally there is a predator/prey-type situation where the humans have to escape in order to survive. But in The Thing, this being is the one that’s trying to survive. It’s blending in to get out of there, not to feed on or kill anything. And the viewer is never one hundred percent sure of what’s going on. You’re left guessing, literally, from the first shot to the last.

It’s creepy, it’s disgusting, and it’s probably the best horror movie I’ve ever seen (that I will watch again).

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