Apollo 18

Released 9/2/11                              Rated: PG-13

So after seeing this movie my boyfriend and I were trying to figure out the aliens of the film. Thinking back on it I realized, actually I’ve heard this argument before, that we (Americans) are spoiled when it comes to movies. Everything gets explained or explored so that we as viewers know exactly what it is we’re being shown. Generally this applies to anything science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal. I bring this up because the aliens in this movie weren’t explained and barely even seen, really, and I think it worked.

Once again we have the fake “lost footage” look and feel. Everything is from the perspective of the astronauts and their equipment which is what made myhttp://www.totalfilm.com/news/apollo-18-poster-unveiled alien point work. The camera doesn’t shift to the hunter’s vantage point as it would in any old fiction story, like in Predator; this is made to be a one-way street of information coming from us humans. That being said, most of the time in this film you have to really look for whatever’s lurking in the moon dust. It’s not like they’re not there, it’s just that in their “natural habitat” it can be a little difficult to see them. It’s also due to the fact that this “footage” was supposed to have been shot in the late 60s I think, so it’s not supposed to be the clearest picture in some areas.

Now, the poster and the trailer both leave different impressions as to what is on the moon. According to this poster, the being that left this footprint appears to be something related to the werewolf classification of animal. At least that’s the closest thing I can come up with (obviously it would be an alien). However, the trailer leads us to believe that there is another astronaut or “person” lurking around the moon craters and causing trouble. In a sense it looks like this movie is a lot like The Cave; whatever this thing is, it infects a host, then that host starts turning into…whatever this thing is.

There’s a nice little twist at the end, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see. I’m glad this movie didn’t turn scientific and try to explain everything. We were just along for the thrills.

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