Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Released 9/10/04                              Rated: R

I didn’t care much for this movie, the first of the sequels in what appears to be an ongoing series. The critics, again, hated it, but it seems the audience loved it more so than the first installment.

I didn’t care for any of the characters this go-round. Except L.J., he was awesome, but barely seemed to have any screen time. And Alice as well seemed to have her screen time cut. Her acting was a little better, but that may have been due to there being more action scenes than drama. But yeah, we didn’t really get to know the new people, so the effect was lost they started getting picked off. I think it went back and forth too much. Here’s group 1 of new people, and then the bad guys, and now group 2 of new people, and then Alice, and here’s the guy who used to work for the bad guys but is now secretly doing whatever, now back to group 1 teamed with Alice, and group 2… It took too long to get everyone established and then merged together to actual care about anyone.

They connected it with the first movie very well. Normally you don’t see that; it’s usually just a sequel that follows the general plot of the series, not so much picking up exactly where they left off. The flashbacks that connected films one and two showed a little more of this mysterious Umbrella corporation and what they’re up to. If not for these parts, it would have been a pointless sequel.

I’d have to say that my favorite part was the last ten minutes or so. Just, the situation, the set, the way it was executed; I can’t really describe why I like it so much, but I just think it was the coolest part of the movie. This wasn’t my favorite movie, but there were tidbits here and there that I really liked.

If you read my post on the first Resident Evil you might remember me saying that I thought the rest of the series was going to be more brainless than the first one. (No pun intended.) That statement was based off of seeing the fourth installment, Afterlife. And this movie, Apocalypse, was more brainless than the first. We weren’t trying to figure out anything: who’s side are we on, what happened, how are they going to get out of it, etc. I figured I would be done after just the one sequel, but after looking up the trailer to the third movie, I’d say that one actually looks good, so I’m going to end up watching it. We’ll see how that one holds out.

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