Tucker & Dale VS Evil

Released 2010                             Rated: R

Wow. This movie is definitely worth a try. It may not look like much from the cover, but this film is great. If you like comedy, and can handle gore, you’ll like this. The best thing is, it’s not stupid funny, like most comedies these days that insult your intelligence simply by existing. And it’s not over the top like most horror films are, where you must see three different versions of people’s insides strewn across the floor before the credits roll. No boobs thrown in your face for half the movie either; that’s a nice change for a horror http://www.impawards.com/intl/canada/2010/tucker_and_dale_vs_evil_ver5.htmlfilm. It is a good blend of both comedy and horror that deserves to be recognized for being original. What a breath of fresh air!

So, the idea behind this movie is: what if [insert famous slasher character] wasn’t really a murderer? That, due to accidental circumstances, it just looked like he was. And so we have Tucker and Dale, two loveable characters who are confused as to why these kids keep dying on their property. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are brilliant as our misunderstood heroes, and will win you over. You’ll be hoping they don’t die by the end of the movie.

There’s one death that pays homage to Joel and Ethan Coen’s Fargo. And if you’ve ever seen Fargo you know exactly what I’m referring to. I didn’t care much for that scene the first time around, so I definitely didn’t watch the 2010 version. I had to turn away a couple of times, but this movie isn’t so gruesome as to require …well, a barf bag. I thought going in to this movie, that it was going to be super gory to where I would not be able to handle it. I was gladly mistaken. Some of it is cheesy, and some of it is nasty, but overall it’s a job well done.

I was going to put a link to the trailer on here, but I decided that it gave away too much. Take my word for it and watch this movie. Just like these hillbillies, it deserves a chance to be loved.

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