Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Released 12/16/11                              Rated:PG-13

Personally, I don’t understand why everyone is going crazy over this movie. It is not the best movie that came out this holiday season, but no body listens to me anyway. So everybody is making a big deal about it and saying it’s the best one in the franchise. I just don’t get what made it so special. Yes, Tom Cruise scaling the tallest building ever (whatever it is) was cool, but that wasn’t the whole movie.

http://www.flicksandbits.com/2011/10/25/great-new-poster-for-%E2%80%98mission-impossible-%E2%80%93-ghost-protocol%E2%80%99/17316/mission-impossible-4-poster/I walked away going ‘that was it?’ I never felt a sense of urgency for the mission. It’s possible I either got confused with all the names of people and places and I had to differentiate between which was which, or I wasn’t paying attention at a crucial moment, but it all felt disjointed to me. Like it didn’t really flow together.

The only person I really liked was Simon Pegg’s character. He was the comic relief without being the bumbling agent I thought he was going to turn out to be. I think he steals the show. Paula Patton felt like the weakest character. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. I can’t tell if I didn’t like her as an agent, or just plain didn’t like her. The fight scene was pretty good though.

I absolutely couldn’t stand the opening title sequence. “Let’s just show brief snippets from the rest of the movie as we follow a lit fuse wind it’s way through different settings  corresponding to the clips until we get to the title and blow it up!” / “Dude, that’s genius! We could totally do that!” give me a break. I don’t want to see the movie before actually seeing the movie.

The first one was awesome; I loved that movie. I have not yet seen the other two. I don’t get the hype, but it was an okay film.

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