Date Night

Released 4/9/10                               Rated: PG-13

The first time I saw this trailer I thought it just looked stupid. Another mindless comedy that wasn’t actually going to be funny. I saw this movie three times in theaters. It’s hilarious, and I’m glad I changed my mind and saw it.

I’m really not good at writing about these movies that I like. Usually I find something that I can talk about, but this is one of those posts where all I have is “it’s great,” and “it’s funny.” Of course, comedy is just one of those things you need to experience for yourself. As soon as you try to explain it to someone it just doesn’t do justice, and then you’re left wondering why you even attempted it in the first place. Now I’m rambling.

This movie is a bowl of awesomeness. This couple wants to shake things up a bit in their set routine, but they get a whole lot more than they bargained for. The laughs keep coming throughout the entire movie, but it also gets real. Crazy antics aside, Carell and Fey have a moment that I’m sure a lot of couples go through. Having seen another couple fall apart, they just want to make sure they’re OK.

Comedy is a hit or miss with everyone. I love this movie, and (obviously) think it’s perfect. There are some great lines in store. I’d recommend it.

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