My Thoughts on the Upcoming…

Snow White & the Huntsman cannot wait to see this movie. That being said, I really hope this movie kicks ass. There’s nothing I hate more than the build-up of a movie, and then you finally see it and it’s just meh. But this movie looks fantastic.

So, I said it before, and I’ll say it again, this film looks like the version of Alice in Wonderland that I actually want to go see. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say Lord of the Rings, which is want everyone’s comparing this to, but just the whole heroine in knight’s armor thing seems to be a theme among the fairytale movies today. I see elements of Pan’s Labyrinth as well, so I’m supper psyched for that. Even if it is just the look of a creature in the black forest. And the magic mirror! Holy crap! Melting off the wall and turning into a hooded figure to talk to the queen. Wickedly awesome! This movie is looking right up my ally. Definitely darker than (as far as I know) all the previous adaptations. I hope they pull off some kind of artistic aspect to it. That would just top the cake. June needs to hurry up get here now!

And Charlize Theron! She looks perfect, perfect; beautiful and pure evil. She’s not just vane, which is how all the other queens ultimately come off as; she has this look about her that says “I will kill you.” The costume design for this character alone is stunning. Her crown has the sharp spikes, and it’s not in this picture, but she has a pair of talons. How freakin’ awesome is that?!

There are only two possible downsides to this project. The first is the prince. This is ultimately due to the fact that there hasn’t been anything out on him yet. All I know is he’s the guy from the most recent Pirates movie. The second is I’m afraid that Snow White will resemble Bella a little. This could be simply due to the fact that while Kristen is in the trailer, she’s not actually active in the trailer. It’s only shots of her running or scared, and it just looks a little familiar. The marketing for this film so far is mostly from the queen, WHICH I WOULD LOVE!, but it’s called Snow White & the Huntsman. I’m also wondering where the dwarves come in; haven’t seen much on them either. I really hope this ends up being the epic they’re promoting it to be.

Release date set to June 1, 2012.

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One Response to My Thoughts on the Upcoming…

  1. adrianwehunt says:

    Also Thor is in it…. and he’s dreamy.

    Your excitement has me excited. I just hope it is grounded in some kind of sense and not all cobbled together.

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