Welcome to the Rileys

Released 10/29/10                              Rated: R

I’m not a real big fan of straight up drama stories. For me there has to be something intriguing for me to like it. Some element that pulls me in. This is usually my problem come Oscar-season because the Academy (not sure if that should be capitalized :p) picks these dramas that I either have no desire to see, or honestly, I’ve never heard of. But I’m veering off course here.http://www.impawards.com/2010/welcome_to_the_rileys.html

Actually, the only reason I know about this movie is because I stumbled across it on an Apple site, I think, for new trailers. I used to go on there all the time and go “Huh, that title/picture looks interesting; what’s this about?” I’m not sure if the website is still up anymore. But I see the same trailers over and over again on a daily basis, so I don’t really go looking for new ones anymore.

This movie is pretty good. Any everybody’s acting is great. I have reached my verdict: Kristen Stewart can act. I think she does better in these realistic roles as opposed to  that of playing a character. She really does well in these parts and I would really like to see more of them from her. I don’t know what it is, but she makes these roles her own and makes it seem so real. James Gandolfini’s and Melissa Leo’s portrayals as parents who have been lost are awesome. Halfway through the movie I thought Melissa Leo was going to steal this movie for me, but I ended up loving them all!

Never heard of it before? This is about a guy who starts to feel fatherly toward a teenage stripper he comes across on a business trip to New Orleans. Having lost his own daughter, and in a marital rut, he decides to stick around to help her stand on her own two feet. When I first read the description on the website I  mentioned earlier, I thought his daughter had been abducted, and this stripper resembled his daughter, or what his daughter would have looked like at that age, to where he felt he had to take care of her. Not the case, but this is still a really good film.

I would recommend checking this movie out. It’s heartfelt as well as gritty. A great combination from start to finish.

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