My Thoughts on the Upcoming…

The Hunger Games

I was told a while ago that I needed to read these books. Unfortunately I never got around to it. However, my sister requested the first book for Christmas, and it has been working its way around our entire family ever since! 🙂 If you haven’t read the book I would it; it’s a great read.

As far as the movie goes it is looking EXACTLY like the book! Obviously some tweaks are going to have to be made to A) keep it viewable for teens, and B) keep it at a descent length. I am super excited for this movie. It looks absolutely fabulous. Everybody working on this seems to have such a dedication to the book, which will really have a positive effect on the film.

The one thing that I do have a problem with is that everyone’s going around comparing it to Harry Potter and Twilight. I think all that hullabaloo is is someone looking for an argument. There shouldn’t be a debate between any of them over which is better. If you have a favorite, that’s fine, no one’s saying you have to like one, or all, or any of them. But they’re not competing against each other over anything. If they were all on the same topic that would be different, but they are each different and unique in their own way. No body compares Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. Star Wars fans compare the first and second trilogies because they are of the same story (though that is debatable among some fans, LOL). My point is it’s pointless.

I can’t wait for this movie. I’m definitely going to see it opening weekend!

Release date set to March 23, 2012

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