The Hunger Games

Released 3/23/12                              Rated: PG-13

Let me just say this, if you’re going to read anyone’s review on this or any other movie, don’t read those of the people who didn’t even see the film. Personally, I don’t think you’re entitled to an opinion if you’re not going to take the time to participate in the subject in question. If you automatically write this off as another Twilight-teen franchise I don’t even want to hear from you. News Flash: you wanna know where you can find Harry Potter in a book store? The young-adult section!

This movie is fantastic in my eyes. Despite the few things that were changed I feel this movie is near perfect. I believe they did a good enough job to please both fans and new-comers alike. I read someone’s blurb of a review on Yahoo that they felt the movie dumbed it down for those who haven’t read the book. They did not. Let me put it this way: if someone hadn’t explained the tracker-jackets, no one would have understood that specific scene and how dangerous that was. And I think the way they went about that was spot on! In the book we as readers are constantly reminded that this is a televised event, through Katniss’s thoughts about the hidden cameras everywhere. She can’t talk about the cameras out loud because everyone in the country is watching  her. So how are we as audience members going to remember that this is essentially the Superbowl? TV commentators! How are we going to know that the arena is being controlled by the gamemakers? Show them altering the field! Nothing got dumbed down, the filmmakers just had to figure out a way to bring the whole world to the silver screen.

I have very few complaints, but they are there. They did not explain the “mutts” at the end of the games. They were actually supposed to be eerily similar to the the tributes that had died previously in the Games. At first I thought they were really supposed to be the tributes, but now I’m pretty sure it was just a mind f** for the remaining tributes. Which ties in to my number two, of how they really didn’t go into how twisted the Capitol really is with its experimentations and whatnot. They mentioned the war and the rebels, but not to what roles the tracker jackets played, or where the Mockingjay comes from. And my last complaint is that the Games themselves didn’t feel as desperate as they should have. Katniss was very dehydrated before she finally found water. It is a fight for survival after all.

A lot of people thought there was too much shaky-cam and just nitpicking at this that and the other. I noticed it in the beginning, but after that, either it didn’t bother me, or they used less of it. Some people even complained about the capitol wardrobes. Um… that’s the source material, not the film itself. That’s like saying you don’t like the Harry Potter movies because you don’t like the hats everyone wears. Really??! (Obviously that person hadn’t read the book but even then, it’s call fantasy, open your freakin’ mind.) And this is not just another love triangle story! Yes, that’s part of it, but it’s not Katniss going “I like Peeta, but I like Gale, but I like Peeta, but than again I do like Gale.”

I think this movie is perfect. All y’all can argue that the book is better or that they didn’t do this or that, but I love this movie. So in your face! 🙂

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