Richie Rich

Released 12/21/94                              Rated: PG

It has been forever since I’ve seen this movie! In re-watching it I have discovered how great it is. I think this movie is a gem buried in the 90s. Why can’t Hollywood make good family movies like this anymore? Nowadays it seems it either has to be solely targeted toward children, or it has to be about wildlife preservation. Just make a movie for everyone!

The characters in Richie Rich are loveable. Richie is a boy would just wants some real friends. You really feel for him and want him to make friends with kids his own age. Herbert Cadbury is perfect. While he is always proper and keeps a tight schedule, his momentary emotional outbursts and quick recoveries keep him from being a stiff house-hand. Jonathan Hyde was a great cast choice. Professor Keenbean is the awesome comic relief without being a klutz or an airhead. Why is it that now everyone thinks stupid equals funny? It doesn’t.

Another thing I love is that this family is not a snobby family, by any means. That’s usually what we get when there’s a rich family in the script. All three Riches are smart, compassionate, and have a love for life. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly do seem to have all the money in the world, (if I had my own McDonald’s, and a roller coaster in my backyard, not to mention a science lab, I’d probably never leave the house) but they aren’t rolling around it in; they’re helping the community and putting that wealth to good use.

And there’s another great thing about this movie, the science lab. Usually there’s a gadget or a machine that does something crazy, or at least beyond the reaches of reality. The majority of cool gadgets coming out of this lab all seemed logical or at least possible.

This is just an all around good family movie. Nothing in it was stretched too far to either appeal to a specific crowd or come off as ridiculous. What happened to these kinds of movies?!

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