The Five-Year Engagement

Released 4/27/12                              Rated: R

Overall, I didn’t care for this movie. It was hilarious at times, but I think I agree with the critics out there saying it lagged a bit. All I can say is thank heaven all the jokes were not included in the trailer. I hate it when you find out all the good parts of the movie were in the trailer. You could have just watched the trailer for free! beginning was good, the end was good, the middle drug on for longer than it should have. The movie was hilarious throughout, but it wasn’t enough to give the film the charm it needed to win me over. I about died on the Sesame Street joke though. That was awesome.

Unfortunately nothing else won me over either. I didn’t feel any particular feelings toward Tom and Violet. They were bubbly in the beginning, and in the end, but they went through a lot of crap in the middle. I do understand that’s called plot, but it could have at least been an interesting plot. I might have liked it more if it had been more like the trailer suggests. A little more of everyone’s impatience at when the wedding will finally take place, even the couple’s own impatience, instead of just… blah! The supporting cast of Violet’s sister and Tom’s best friend were great, but I can’t find anything that I really latched on to.

I will not deny that this movie had it’s moments, but I’m not going to rush out and buy it.

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