The Avengers

Released 5/4/12                              Rated: PG-13

To quote my boyfriend: “This movie is effing perfect!” End post. 🙂

No seriously, this is the best movie that has come out in a long time. If you haven’t seen it yet, which for most of you is unlikely, go to the theater and spend money on this movie. I know this is a pretty big assumption, but I don’t think anything else this summer will be as big of a hit as The Avengers. I saw this movie opening weekend. And just saw it again for a second time. The theater was still packed. I know some people saw it for the second time during the opening weekend!

This movie truly is perfect. Not only does it have an amazing ensemble cast of almost every one of the actors from their individual films, but it also has amazing effects and great dialogue. All you Firefly fans will enjoy Joss Whedon’s writing and might even find it a little familiar. We did. 🙂 Everyone’s acting is phenomenal, and these character’s interactions are simply beautiful; there’s no other way to put it.

And that’s part of the beauty of this movie. These characters do not become a team until pretty much the end of the movie. And until that time they’re butting heads and just not playing well together, some worse than others. I loved every minute of it. It would have been a completely different movie otherwise.

If you’re worried about Johansson’s Black Widow or Ruffalo’s Hulk, don’t be. There is no posing in Widow’s fighting choreography; she is actually a badass in this movie. Her fighting style might be my favorite of all the superheroes here. Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner is also awesome. He’s not a downer in this movie, which the character has kind of been in “recent” films. And we get to see him being a scientist. Everybody got to have their own time and be these characters. I hate it when the screen time is drastically uneven. Samuel L. Jackson even had plenty of time, and I didn’t really think he would. Like I said, this movie is perfect.

I also loved that we had a familiar villain. Tom Hiddleston is awesome as Loki from Thor. He’s manipulative and he really gets to show us his stuff in The Avengers. I hope he continues to be in these movies. I don’t want to see anyone else in this role. It’s his. And it’s not just Loki that we have, but I’ll let you watch the movie for yourselves.

Don’t forget to stick around after the credits for not one, but two scenes! This movie is a bowl of aweseomness and I can’t wait to own it. I’d give it a 20 out of 10. 😀

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2 Responses to The Avengers

  1. Adrian says:

    THANK YOU! I would also like to point out how DEAD quiet everyone in the theater was during most of the movie, minus of course the typically funny sections. Everyone either laughed together or soaked in the scenes together. Noone was fidgity or getting up or leaving their seats. It was truly entertaining.

    Loki was very very good in this movie. He really exhumes an “I’m better than you” persona and represents something so much scarier than himself.

    After viewing the film a third time, I found the villain’s dialogue (the character that Loki interacts with in his visions) slightly silly, especially the mid credits scene. Also, a friend pointed out that there was no real danger to us as an audience posed by the invading forces because we never see how successful they are; we never see the bodies of the new yorkers they are killing, only the successes of our heroes. I suppose I shouldn’t let this bother me considering it is a PG13 film.

    However, these annoyances are mine, really. I doubt others have a problem with it.

    Great film. Fun article!

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