Auntie Mame

Released 1958                              Not Rated

I have been looking for this movie for ages. When I came across it in Netflix I started watching it immediately. I can’t believe I found it!

I remember seeing this as a kid. I could recall a few snippets, and then the end with the dinner party and all the moving furniture. I even remembered Agnus’s name! But for the life of me I could not figure out which movie it was. Then one night the TV was on and was a special on Rosalind Russell, and they talked for a moment about how she was the only person for the part of Auntie Mame. She was Auntie Mame in the theater production before the movie came out. And I’d have to agree that she was cast perfectly.

Never heard of it before? This movie is about an eccentric woman who inherits her young nephew. The movie follows her life through the years as she is determined to be a good mother-figure as well as introduce some culture into their lives.

This movie is awesome! If you’re into comedy, and you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. Don’t be afraid of its age. It’s as good as comedy gets. In this mix we have an ever changing apartment and chandelier– as well as Mame’s hair– a butler with an awesome laugh, crazy parties, the most mix-and-matchable wardrobe ever, and the most obnoxious (complete) set of in-laws you’ll want to run far away from. The best scene has to be when she worked as a telephone operator. Russell’s comedic timing is perfect, and I just cannot believe how fast this woman can spit out words. It’s great writing with a lovable cast and wonderful, heart-felt moments. Truly a gem for any collection.

I sure hope this movie is on DVD somewhere, because I need to own it!

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