Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Released 6/22/12                              Rated: R

I liked this movie. The trailer has been on just about everything for at least five months now, but I’ve never really had a need to see this movie. I honestly don’t know what http://thecinemagirl.com/spotlight/posters/a/abelincoln.htmpossessed me, but I got off work early, so I saw it. For not having any expectations, it was pretty good. The 3D wasn’t too bad either. However I do believe after a while I don’t really notice it so much, but what are you going to do?

I do want to give a hand to the makeup artists who worked on this film. Both the vampires and the humans looked phenomenal. I loved that the vampires were not A) just humans with fangs or B) completely bat-like-human creatures. They were the perfect blend of demons and humans. A lot of movies have tried different things for their vampires, but I’ve never been satisfied with those that branch into the more extreme concepts. It’s the same with werewolves, but that’s a completely different story. Our main human characters also had very good makeup with their aging. I was sitting there in the theater and I went ‘Wow. That looks amazing.’ (in my head of course :)) And I never stop and notice something on its own like that, so for me to comment on it to myself is kind of a big deal.

My only real issue was that there was an abundance of slow mo shots. I mean, I totally get it; vampires are ten times faster than humans, but I feel it was a little over-used, at least by the climactic scene. I don’t really buy the Civil War consisting of, instead of North and South, North and vampires. I understood their stake in the war, but not to the point of half of the entire war were nothing but vampires. But I suppose the book goes into a little more detail. Other than that I thought it was great. I did have some questions that I wish had been explained, but I didn’t read the book, which is probably where the answers are. I’m kind of a vampire nerd, so I wanted to know details about these vampires. But I’m willing to just accept what I was given. When films give you all of the answers they leave nothing left to be desired, which is part of the love for a film.

I think everyone did a wonderful job. The characters were great, story was interesting, effects were cool, makeup was well done, and the scenery was beautiful too. I love seeing Louisiana with the grand trees full of Spanish moss. Seeing the White House surrounded by nothing but land was cool too.

Overall, I’d say see it. I at least had a good time.

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2 Responses to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

  1. Adrian says:

    One note: except = something on the outskirts or separate. Accept = something you endure or otherwise agree on/with.

    I found this article interesting. I was initially interested in this film but lost my interest down the road. Would you consider watching it again?

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