Released 6/22/12                              Rated: PG

Pixar has done it again! Another amazing movie. What I loved the most was that the trailer didn’t give away anything. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie because I had no idea where it was going to go. Finally, somebody got it right! is a headstrong teenager with a gift for archery who would rather be out riding her horse through the countryside than learning etiquette inside. But when her fiery temper gets the better of her, her world is thrown for a loop. Merida’s spirit and her character growth through this movie were both well done. She may be my new favorite character.

Here we have both Pixar’s first princess as well as Pixar’s first period piece. The scenery was amazing; all of it felt very realistic. It’s absolutely crazy how talented these artists are. And that head of hair! Merida’s unruly curls had to be the biggest challenge Pixar has ever faced, as each strand was individually applied. The effect is outstanding, but I can’t imagine working on just her hair for the length of production. LOL.

This movie is great for all ages. The kids will have a blast, and the adults will enjoy it too. It’s great entertainment for the whole family, there’s no other way to put it. AND La Luna, Pixar’s short attatched to Brave is another outstanding piece of work as well. I love this studio!!

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