Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Released 1939                              Rated: NR

This movie was recommended to me. I was a little apprehensive for two reasons: A) the one-sentence description on the TV wouldn’t make anything sound interesting, and B) other movies that I had picked to see hadn’t all panned out so well on my like-meter. I actually discovered two copies of this DVD at my public library, so that has to count for something.,-Mr.-ChipsI really enjoyed this movie. I would have to credit this to Robert Donat, the lead actor. His performance is wonderful, and I found him to be lovable and endearing. The first moment we see him he looks like a goofy old man whom you wish you knew in real life. He won Best Actor for his role, too.

Haven’t heard of it? Goodbye, Mr. Chips follows the life of an all-boys school teacher. I know, that doesn’t exactly tickle anyone’s fancy when trying to find a movie to watch on Saturday night, but let me sell it to you this way: this movie won Best Picture in 1939, and is ten times more interesting than half of the nominees I’ve seen in the past few decades. Now, I haven’t even heard of a number of those titles before in my life, but I’d take this movie over some of the one’s I have seen that were nominated.

If you’re into old movies, or you want to see something classic, try hunting down this title! Make sure you get the right one. 1939. In 1969 they remade it and modified it to be a musical. I can’t vouch for the musical adaptation, but at least they waited a respectable amount of time before remaking it. Total Recall 1990 to 2012.  *Shaking my head in disappointment*

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