I Remember Mama

Released 1948                              Rated: NR

This is another good movie that was recommended to me. It took me forever to watch it because I kept getting interrupted, but I very much enjoyed this movie. This is why I asked people about older movie recommendations. Good movies existed before I started watching them, and they would never have shown up on my radar otherwise. And I need a break from what Hollywood is spitting out nowadays.http://www.moviepostershop.com/i-remember-mama-movie-poster-1948

Never heard of it? I Remember Mama is about a family of Norwegian immigrants living in San Francisco in the early 1900s. The movie centers around the one family consisting of Mama, Papa, Nels, Katrin, Christina, Dagmar, and a cat named Uncle Elizabeth. Katrin, who is telling the story, wants to be a writer, and Dagmar, the youngest, wants to be a veterinarian. The film also includes an extended family as well. Booming Uncle Chris, (Mama’s uncle) who still lives in Norway, is the head of the family, and a little bit of a scene-stealer. And then three Aunts (Mama’s sisters) living in San Francisco, whose names would have been Bossy, Whiny, and Timid if this were a Disney film. 🙂

This is a coming-of-age film that also deals with family values. I would recommend this movie. It has a heart of gold, everyone in it is wonderful, and it’s a great addition to any classic collection.

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