End of Watch

Released 9/21/12                              Rated: R

Intense. That is the main thing I’ve heard about the movie, and that is what I have to say after the movie. My note of advice if you’re going to see this in theaters: don’t sit too close. If you’re like me with bad eyes and you sit fairly close, your eyes are going to hurt by the end of it all. It was shot as “real footage,” and at times there was a lot of movement. I like the effect, but I guess I need to sit farther back for those movies.

The gang members annoyed me, but only because I wanted to hit them upside the head with a dictionary. Think of a thirteen-year-old using the word “like” five times in a sentence, and that’s what these http://www.movieposter.com/poster/MPW-76779/End_of_Watch.htmlguys were doing with the F-bomb. Literally, this guy had a sentence that consisted of maybe five words, and he drew it out to last about a full minute with his uncreatively redundant F-bomb insertions. I have no doubt in my mind that there are people who talk like that, but it’s just like “FIND ANOTHER WORD ALREADY! GEEZ!”

The story is good, but it really doesn’t follow a set route from point A to point B, like the trailer made it seem. Whereas it looked as though these two cops busted these guys who happened to be involved in this major drug cartel, and then the cartel wants to get back at the cops and entraps them; it’s really mainly them doing their job. I was expecting more of a we’re-stuck-here-how-do-we-get-out-alive situation. And all that does happen, I wish it lasted longer I guess.

Overall it was good. I did like it. There are some messed up people in this world. One thing they did do was show a wide range of that spectrum instead of focusing on only one end. Everyone did a fantastic job. Gyllenhaal and Peña had great chemistry; they really looked as though they have been friends forever. Check it out if you don’t mind intense movies. Let me just say that I had to stop munching toward the end there.

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