Released 9/28/12                              Rated: R

Not what I expected, but still a really good movie.

One thing they did well was establish the world. Science-fiction is hard to do well for the screen for a variety of reasons. The world they created for Looper, I feel, was very believable. Even though we didn’t see a whole lot of it, I believed it in its entirety. The vehicles, the living conditions, the drugs, this particular job, the evolution of humanity; all of it fits together and works http://cinema.theiapolis.com/movie-2SLY/looper/gallery/looper-poster-1092048.htmlwith each other to make up this awesome movie. I also felt they explained just enough to give the audience a feel of the world, but not to the degree where the audience feels like they don’t get it the first time.

Once again, Bruce Willis is a bad ass, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is proving he’s got what it takes for this genre as well. They really could be the same person. The make-up on Gordon-Levitt was amazing, but acting-wise these two were definitely on the same page. This character is headstrong, dangerous, and completely selfish. Older Joe wants to keep what he had before he was sent back, but Joe feels like his future self is raining on his parade, and he wants his life back. Emily Blunt was also awesome. I think it’s the first time I’ve never heard her British accent. I was impressed.

This movie is science-fiction, but it’s not steeped in it so much that the movie will be obviously dated in a few years. They put just enough in to establish a setting, and then went for the storyline, which is the characters, not the technology. I think this movie will hold up for many years. Check it out!

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