Paranormal Activity 4

Released 10/19/12                              Rated: R

What the f*? I’m more confused than anything else at this point. Watching the trailer, having only seen the first movie, I didn’t see how this one fit, and I still don’t see how this one fit, but after having read the complete story of movies 2 and 3, it makes more sense, but I still can’t quite connect the dots.

So, the trailer is scarier than the actual movie. And nothing in the trailer is in the movie. If I had seen the movie the trailer advertised it would have freaked me out a little more, and I’d probably be happier with it. (OK, there is a second trailer that I just found, that one is accurate. Unfortunately, all the thrills are in this trailer, and pretty much all that’s left on screen is the down time.) The ending was the freakiest thing about this movie. I’m going to try very hard not to revisit that when I go to sleep tonight (good luck with that). I really wish they had left this franchise to be a one-hit-wonder. No continuing sequels or prequels because all of this takes away from the powerful creepiness of the first film.

I didn’t like this movie because it’s not going to scare you unless you’re scared easily. There wasn’t a build up of real tension with the haunting of the family. Alex was freaked out, but that’s about as far as it went. In the first one this being got stronger as it continuously went after the couple; nothing like that happened here. It dragged as far as the haunting went. I didn’t feel as though the being’s heart was in it. 😉 And the poster says “All the activity has led to this.” Would someone like to inform me exactly what “this” was? Cuz I must have been in the wrong theater or something. I saw no revelation, or build up of events, or “I know who dunnit!” declarations. Katie came back, but that was in the trailers and poster. Way to go marketing!

[SPOILER ALERT for the rest of this post]

I’m going to talk about things where I normally wouldn’t, so feel free to comment, otherwise I will just be ranting. So my main question is if Wyatt really is Hunter (and I don’t believe he is) who is Robbie and what happened to Hunter since “Katie” took him? I can buy my hypothesis of Robbie being just some kid this coven was raising and they used him to get to Wyatt, but then what happened to Hunter and why did they want Wyatt, because I just don’t buy that Hunter magically ended up in an orphanage or something. If this coven is simply collecting kids, like apparently they do, there’s an easier way to go about it.

This thing had some sort of fascination with Alex before it was mad at her and Ben for recording everything. They didn’t go into that. This being apparently has something to do with girls, but even so, he hardly paid any attention to Alex throughout the movie. I realize that they were mainly after Wyatt, but there seemed to be something else that they just didn’t follow through on. And why kill off the rest of the family? Both parents were completely oblivious to this thing being in their house. All of a sudden it just gets super violent?

Watch the first one, by yourself, in your dark house. You’ll get more out of it.

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1 Response to Paranormal Activity 4

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Very Interesting. You have pointed out some things I never noticed. Very disappointing movie.

    I like your detailed analysis in this review. You should do them more often!

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