Ship Ahoy

Released 1942                              Rated: NR

This movie was pretty good. A nice blend of old time musicals and story. Half the time I see these old time musical films I feel as though somebody simply said “Throw a dance sequence in there. And make it a long one.” If you’ve ever seen one, you know what I’m talking about. It’s obviously a sound stage, and nine times out of ten it’s simply space; nothing but an empty room to dance around in. Luckily there’s none of that here. And it’s not a musical where everybody breaks into song, which would make my fiancé roll his eyes. Our main character is a dancer with an orchestra, so everything fits seamlessly.

Never heard of it? Ship Ahoy is about a dancer asked to secretly transport a mine to Puerto Rico as she sails with her orchestra and deliver it, and a writer of pulp fiction with a nervous condition on the same ship. Things go swimmingly until everyone’s connections begin to unravel and things don’t go according to plan. This is a cute movie from start to finish.

My only complaint was the supporting actress. No emotion in her face whatsoever! Having just looked her up, though, this seems to be her thing. LOL. Of all the things to be remembered for, I wouldn’t have picked that.

The main reason I watched this movie was for Red Skelton. I’ve been getting into older movies, and I knew he’s a famous comedian, so I figured what the hey? Based on this I will be looking for more. It was a nice surprise to find that Bert Lahr was in this one! And he did that weird arm thing he does. I only know about from behind the scenes with the actors of The Wizard of Oz specials. Who would have known there was cute face underneath all those golden curls of a mane! 🙂

I’d recommend it. It’s a sweet story that was well-put together. Everything about this movie is great. If you can find it, give it a try.

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