Wreck-It Ralph

Released 11/2/12                              Rated: PG

Much like Toy Story, when the arcade closes the video game characters have lives all their own. They can go into each other’s games via, or just hang out in, ‘Game Central Station.’ This is a very cool concept, and according to Wikipedia, has been under production for decades. I can only imagine how much it cost to obtain the rights to use some of those games and characters. Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Brothers, Pac-man, Street Fighter, and tons more cameos and visual references made it into the film. Now, I’m not a huge gamer, but holy crap, I was blown away. This is one of those movies where each viewing you’ll find something new.

We’re familiar with the eight-bit characters and environments on the older games, with the picture being pixelated and the movement rather choppy. Swing the camera around to the other side of the video screen and it’s a completely different world looking out instead of in. What I loved is that the characters still moved the same way they did during game play. The townspeople in Fix-It Felix, Jr. kind http://sweepstakesmama.com/disney-wreck-it-ralph-play-and-win-sweepstakes-and-free-poster/of just bob up and down in the game, but then after hours they still bob up and down and have clipped movements, they really can’t do much else. This world is more relatable, yet still recognizable as this video game. My favorite thing they did is how archaic they made Felix. Their game is thirty years old, and Felix uses words and phrases that you would never hear nowadays. I could just listen to Felix talk; that would be entertainment enough for me! 🙂

The bad-guy support group was a nice touch. I like how they shook up the plot from a character who just wants more than what he has to one who just wants to be treated fairly. All the other characters of Fix It Felix, Jr., as well as those outside his game, see Ralph as a bad guy, just a monster, when he’s just a really, really big guy. He’s tired of being the outcast, and tries to fix it the only way he can think of. More people get involved, and it just turns into one big sugary mess.

(I know I’ve been saying this a lot but) I loved how they did the first-person shooter for Hero’s Duty! It probably wasn’t that big of a deal to anyone else, but I was freaking out, it was so cool to me. “Never interfere with the first-person shooter.” I’ll never think of video games the same way again!

I absolutely loved everything about this movie. The actors, the visuals, the references… There is a Wizard of Oz joke, and when my mom saw it she just lost it. The creative force hanging out at Disney Studios is just astounding. John C. Reilly is great, Jane Lynch is a total B.A. sergeant, and freakin’ Alan Tudyk!! Love that man!! Oh, and the animated short before the movie, Paperman: perfect. Love it all! Such an amazing movie. Brilliant! Can I buy it now, please???

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One Response to Wreck-It Ralph

  1. Adrian says:

    I couldn’t believe Alan Tudyk was in this movie! It doesn’t sound like him in any way. That man has gifts!

    The film is such an homage to all of video games and it does it so lovingly. The sly reference to Metal Gear was my absolute favorite moment of the movie. It truly is impressive how they paint this world with their characters. Zangief has never been a hugely popular character in the Street Fighter franchise, and how they allow him to just ‘Be’ is so impressive. The writing, above all else, is the most impressive part of this film, and so very refreshing.

    Great, great movie. Between this and the refreshing take on The Avengers, this may be my favorite year in film.

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