Rise of the Guardians

Released 11/21/12                              Rated: PG

Okay, everybody either loved it, or hated it to no end, so I’m going to have to call this one a see-it-for-yourself movie. Personally, I loved it. I thought it was great, it was creative, it was cute, and it was different. I liked how they made Jack Frost the main character. He really is a ‘legend’ who no body really thinks about any more. I mean, his name is in a few holiday songs, but that’s about the extent of most people’s recognition of him. Not knowing what his real purpose in life is, he just wants to be believed in. This wasn’t just another Santa movie, and I liked that. It’s a fresh face, and a new take on everybody.

Holy crap, people, SHUT UP about the stupid tattoos!! Heaven forbid a creative decision was made to not have a cookie-cutter Santa! I liked North, tattoos and accent and all! His workshop and the way everything worked was wonderfully done. The Yetties were cool too. 🙂 I was really worried that his elves were going to be a kid-pandered focus of the movie much like Despicable Me’s minions were, but thankfully these http://www.impawards.com/2012/rise_of_the_guardians_ver8.htmlelves were neither a focal point, nor as silly as the minions. And that’s fine with me.

I don’t think we’ve had many films involving the Sandman, but I really liked how they portrayed him here. Crazy hair, short, and silent. Not entirely sure why he’s silent, (that’s in the books I’d bet) but I think I like that he didn’t talk. He might have been my favorite character. The fact that the Guardians were these nontraditional warriors was a really great concept, and I’m glad the studio didn’t make them all ninjas or something extreme. Sandy used his sleep sand as whips to fight with, and the quality of the sand in the film is amazing! And I love how Pitch manipulated it to his own purpose. The colors and blending, the shapes and designs… AHHH AWESOME!!

I loved the visuals in this movie.  I felt the Guardians were completely realistic, and at times I even went “this is animation?!” The only person who visually looked off to me was the baby sister. I realize that two-year-olds can’t keep their hair neat for anything, but they could have spent a little more time there. All the characters were great. Pitch, North, Sandy, Jack, Tooth, Bunny. I never in a million years would have pegged Hugh Jackman for the voice of Bunny, but then again I guess he doesn’t use his Australian accent much. Everybody looked and sounded amazing. The colors were outstanding, the overall concept was cool, the characters were great, and I just loved it.

I’d take these characters over certain others like, oh I don’t know… a cute bunny who poops jelly beans and wants to be in a rock band, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a hockey-playing Tooth Fairy. …Cuz those ideas were all right on the money. (that was sarcasm, by the way) I think everyone just needs to calm the hell down. If you can accept a sillier version with no problems, you can at least tolerate a slightly darker version.

I don’t know if I’d show this movie to a really small child– it’s not actually scary– but Pitch is the Boogieman and this movie deals with nightmares and fears, but honestly, I watched scarier things when I was little. I mean, All Dogs Go to Heaven, despite the title, was pretty freakin’ dark. I am all for Rise of the Guardians, but go check it out for yourself because this is just one of those movies that no one can agree on.

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