Underworld: Awakening

Released 1/20/12                              Rated: R

I wish 3D movies could be “fixed” before being distributed on DVD. You can always tell what was supposed to be 3D, and on a regular DVD it just looks awful and completely unrealistic. http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Underworld-Awakening-Poster-Has-Kate-Beckinsale-Leather-Guns-27878.htmlMaybe it looks different in the actual third dimension, but translating that back to 2D for mass market release just doesn’t work. A simple blending of the seams would suffice.

I did not love this installment, but I also didn’t hate it. I liked the story, characters, actors, most of the effects, etc, but I think it was the writing that got me. Not that this series is known for its brilliant dialogue or anything, but I could have done with something a little more involved. It just felt so plain to me. It could have been that I was bored enough to notice it. It didn’t feel like a whole lot was going on this round.

I liked the girl. Unfortunately there wasn’t much mystery behind her character. I don’t know if that’s because of trailers or interviews, but I knew who she was before you’re even supposed to know she’s there  due to some marketing material. Her special effects were pretty good though. I believed what she was.

Selene shooting her way up through the bottom of an elevator was a little redundant. Shooting down a level in the subway in the first movie was freakin’ awesome! I felt they were just reusing the same trick here, which is dangerous in a series that has gone on as long as this one. Fans want to see something brand new, not the same thing over and over again.

Overall, meh. Yes, a movie like this would be cool in 3D, but that’s not the sole factor to getting butts in the seats! It feels like that’s all they had going for them.

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1 Response to Underworld: Awakening

  1. Yeah, I seem to recall being underwhelmed by this movie. And I didn’t see it 3D. Generally avoid 3D–it just doesn’t add enough to the movie to be worth the extra dough, in my opinion.

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