Hotel Transylvania

Released 9/28/12                              Rated: PG

This movie was simply great; I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I was a little worried. Everyone I talked to said that this movie wasn’t that good, even for kids. Well I may have just fallen in love with this movie.

This was ten times better than what the trailer made it out to be. I thought it was cute, it was hilarious — I about died at the Twilight reference, it was fun,and it was moving; this movie really has it all. Dracula taking care of his baby girl: adorable. The Wolfman being bogged down by his many children: very amusing. Jonathon constantly talking and getting into trouble: great.  The decor of the castle: brilliant! Ah I loved it! Adam Sandler did very well having both produced and starred in it. And the animation was well done; there have been a few movies this year that I haven’t wanted to see due to the animation.

My fiancé is one of those people who always wants an explanation for the creative decisions made. There is no explanation here. There are all these classic horror characters, you recognize who they are, just go with it. This was his problem with Rise of the Guardians. I feel if it’s in the context of a child’s film it really doesn’t matter. (If he ever reads this he’ll probably kill me. Love you hun! :)) An artistic or new adaptation, yes, I agree, but these movies aren’t about the classic characters themselves, they’re about this particular story. It’s a “what if” scenario, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What if Dracula built a human-free castle to keep his daughter safe? There is explanation, but not to: why are Frankenstein and the Mummy fat? Which would bother him.

Wonderful movie! I wish I had seen it in theaters.

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