Evil Dead II

Released 3/13/87                              Rated: NR


So this was a very…. strange movie. I almost feel like this one was a borderline spoof; I just wasn’t sure how serious to take it at times. But looking back on it I feel it was a pretty well-done movie.

I thought there was going to be more gore. I heard that this series has a reputation for being super gory. I am not complaining; I was very much relieved that I was able to handle what this movie dished out. However, if you are squeamish to gory scenes you may still want to stay away.

[SPOILER ALERT please proceed to the next paragraph] So as I understand it, this evil presence in the woods, or demon, whatever it is, that we keep seeing only from its point of view of it running through the woods, possesses Ash, yet it doesn’t stick. It repeatedly doesn’t stick. Is this because it isn’t at full power? Whatever ritual that supposedly has to http://tutorial51.com/2009/12/evolution-of-horror-movie-poster-designs-1922-2009/take place for the demon to come into this realm wasn’t completed in the first movie. And what ritual??? Possess and kill five people? I wouldn’t really call that a ritual; more like a process. A ritual, to me, implies that multiple things have to take place and maybe some words have to be said before anything happens.

So the make-up and special effects were actually pretty good, despite the fact that it’s completely obvious. Everybody just uses CGI these days (or maybe half and half) which depending on how it’s used can take away from the realistic-ness of what we as an audience are supposed to be seeing, but everything in this movie was effectively creepy! Except for the trees. I didn’t quite get the evil trees, but they could have looked better. Somehow. They’re supposed to be demon spirits in the trees, but I don’t really get it. All of the deadites were super creepy looking though. I am a fan. And Henrietta was great too. That was a freakin’ monster!

I loved how they showed Ash going crazy. That is the type of mind tricks I want out of a movie; when the audience can’t tell if what they’re seeing is real or not. At first we thought the evil presence was just messing with him again. All of the inanimate objects laughing at him was great, and then Ash laughing with them, which turned into screaming. This was one of those scenes where I couldn’t tell if this movie was supposed to be a comedy-horror or not. (The mirror was awesome!!)

The only issue I have with movies like this is the character choices. No so much the stay or flee decisions, but the ones that bring about the entire situation of the movie in the first place. Like, why in the world would you read aloud from a book called The Book of the Dead? A book covered in human flesh and inked in blood!!! And why would you leave something like that just sitting around, especially after you know what it does?! Stupid smart people. I suppose he got run out of the house by the evil presence though.

I like this movie ten times better than the first. Everybody else tagged this as a comedy-horror; I would still only put this under horror. If you want a real comedy-horror film check out Tucker & Dale VS Evil. But this was still a pretty good horror film.

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