Evil Dead

Released: 1981                              Rated: NR

So… I couldn’t take the pencil scene. It wasn’t until the very end that this movie became almost unbearable. I was watching that last fight going “Omg. Why am I watching this? Omg, omg!” Once the things started to fall apart I was fine, but geez that was a lot!! I could handle the decay, possibly because I know how it’s done. —Well, I know how melting faces are done; I can guess how they pulled this off.

I didn’t really like this movie. Due to the fact that they had an extremely low budget and that it is an interesting story, I can appreciate it, but I still don’t really like it as a whole. Parts of it were really cool, but I honestly found this movie to be more annoying than anything else. It seemed to take everybody about five minutes of random screaming to die (as deadites, not as people.) And Linda just wouldn’t stop cackling. All the characters seemed to have very slow reaction times. And it wasn’t until the end of the movie that Ash was able to do anything because he kept getting stuck under heavy furniture.

What was with every one of these things saying “Come join us”? “Come join us” and “We’re gonna get you” are not the same thing. One implies a voluntary or trance-like action http://bizzammovienews.com/?attachment_id=2399on the part of the potential victim, where as the other is an attack by an assailant. For basically the entire movie they kept saying come join us; there was nothing to join! What? The dead? As far as I understood it this evil presence, demon, thing, took them over; those people are gone. So what is there to join?

Everyone seemed to instantaneously change. I’m still not sure why that bothered me, but it did. Maybe I’ve just been watching a lot of The Walking Dead lately where people die before they turn, but it seemed to me that’s pretty much what happened in the second movie. I mean, I’m still unclear on how the first person in the second movie turned… actually come to think of it, only one person did turn in the second movie. Everybody else basically died…

So I really didn’t see any rhyme or reason to any of it. Apparently this thing needs five sacrifices to come into being on this plane, (which I just realized was a theory. These movies say nothing about that.) but it didn’t seem like there was a point to it all. And apparently coming into contact with this thing is enough to infect someone, i.e.: the pencil scene. How does this thing spread?? Because it makes no sense to me.

The Mirror was awesome! I loved the blood in the cellar. I didn’t need the river flowing out of the pipes, but the rest of it was cool and creepy. But that was another thing. Ash kept getting covered in blood (when he wasn’t trapped under heavy furniture) and in the next shot when he’s walking away from whatever it was dousing him in blood, he was relatively clean. Consistency! 🙂

Overall I think it’s worth seeing. It’s not going on my Christmas list or anything, but it’s worth checking out.

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