Now You See Me

Released 5/31/13                              Rated: PG-13

I was so disappointed in this movie. The trailer made it look so much better! (Big surprise, I guess.)

I wasn’t really all that impressed. I felt no reason for me to figure it out or wonder what was going to happen next. Honestly, I almost left the theater. Don’t get  me wrong! It wasn’t a bad movie, I just wasn’t interested. Ocean’s Eleven, while not a magic movie, was a more thrilling heist experience. I wanted to see what was coming next. The characters were compelling. There was motivation behind it all. It felt like this movie (NYSM) tried to scratch that vein, but didn’t quite get there.

The majority of the tricks were CGI; I was therefore not blown away whatsoever by any of them. I can understand the use of computer generated imagery for a few things, but when it becomes the only tactic in a movie about real life magicians, it debases the term “magic” doesn’t it? Potter had more realistic magic than this movie.

Now, I can forgive the over usage of CGI if the rest of the movie is good. I felt no drive regarding any sort of major plot line. I tried to put things together like everyone else, and I was wrong, as the movie’s tag line likes to point out “the closer you look, the less you see,” but I must have missed an important story element somewhere, because when the big reveal came around I was like where did this come from? (And not in the my-mind-has-been-blown sort of way. More like I’m-missing-the-connection-here.)

[SPOILER ALERT] Whenever a movie reveals the guy behind the curtain, and it’s not at all who you thought it was going to be, I find myself asking: what was the point of acting the way he/she did throughout the movie? Misdirection, yes, I get it, but to what real purpose? A villain I can understand, they need to stay with the protagonist as long as possible, but when the cop who is determined to hunt them down and stop them is the mastermind behind it all? Not quite biting on that one. Especially when I’m supposed to just accept that he is the son of a magician whose final trick went horribly wrong– which they only casually mention. I didn’t feel as though that bit of information had any sort of weight to it. It seemed to me that all the names of people and companies were kinda thrown in there, not that there were very many, but they’re key to keeping up with the heart of the plot; better than I did, anyway.

The poster is pretty cool though. Thumbs up for that.

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1 Response to Now You See Me

  1. devenluca says:

    I know what you’re talking about. Ever since I saw Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve, the heist movie has been ruined for me.

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