The Woman in Black

Released 2/3/12                              Rated: PG-13

The poster is enough to freak anyone out, and on multiple levels! Now, when you’re standing in front of a movie poster at the theater, sometimes it’s hard to see everything right away. The first level is plain and simple. A normal old-time photo of a couple of kids with off-putting touch of their eyes being scratched out of the photo. But then there’s the second level (easier to see right here). The woman, who not only shows her face, but a freaky pair of arms around the children.When I first saw it I was like “hey…that kinda looks like–holy cow!!”

That being said, I definitely thought this movie was going to be a bit scarier. It was good for a few jumps, had an interesting story, and was executed well, but I found myself wanting more from it. I’m trying to figure out exactly why I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a bad movie. The plot was a little simple, if you ask me. The acting was fine; I didn’t really have any love for any of the characters though. I just wasn’t drawn to anyone in particular.

Overall this was a very quiet movie. I wouldn’t have minded a  little more dialogue, but this film decided it was going to show, not tell. Telling is a trap that a lot of movies fall into; especially horror movies. When a movie tells instead of shows it it leaves a lot to be desired, and, at least in terms of my fiancé and I, leaves the audience feeling a little stupid. Believe it or not Hollywood, the powers of deduction by the average person are capable of more than you give us credit for. I think I like that approach to this movie.

Not your traditional ending. This movie was definitely a little different than the norm these days. I don’t plan on owning, but I commend it on not being a copy cat of the gore-fests that seems to be all horror movies are these days.

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