This Is The End

Released 6/12/13                              Rated: R

I was hoping this was going to be better, but it was catered to their established audience. The trailer made this look hilarious, but I, personally, didn’t find much very funny. It was like they were trying to be serious in a situation that was supposed to come across as funny, maybe? I’m still not one hundred percent sure on what they were going for.

First and foremost, and I apologize for the crudeness of this, (but if you’ve seen the movie you know it’s really nothing but crude) I could have done with about half the penis jokes. That includes the demons, both 100 ft tall and normal size, brandishing theirs all over the screen. The giant decorative (again, I’m sorry) dick in James Franco’s living room was funny. Craig Robinson having to wrap his arms around it to only move it about three inches at a time because it’s so heavy in order to fortify the walls was funny. That was pretty much the extent to what I found funny.

I did like them taking jabs at each other, though. McBride calling everyone out on their acting when he doesn’t believe what’s going on outside because he was stoned all night; “Where was that in The Green Hornet?” I also found the home-made Pineapple Express 2 movie to be great. Never saw the first movie, and I probably don’t intend to, but I enjoyed myself watching the “sequel,” which is actually supposed to be the plot of the movie, should they ever get the chance to make another P.E.

Half the time I couldn’t figure out if they were still going for comedy or not. [SPOILER] Like a high Michael Cera getting speared by a street lamp and yelling about someone taking his phone only to find it in his pocket, “Oh that’s embarrassing,”…not so much. But then you have Kevin Hart refusing to help Aziz Ansari who is clinging to the edge of the sink hole because “you’re gone, you’re already in the hole,” and repeatedly kicking him in the face to let go of his foot; that’s comical.

The trailer was the best thing about this movie in my opinion. I liked the idea, but not the end result. I don’t need it to be Scary-Movie-10 kind of humor, but they could have done better. Watch the trailer; you’ll garner more enjoyment out of it.

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