Released 11/27/13                              Rated: PG

Disney did it again. This movie was better than I expected it to be. Pretty much the only thing I saw on this was the teaser trailer of the snowman and the reindeer trying to cross the frozen lake to each get the carrot. And I understand Disney’s marketing technique of trying to not make this look like another princess movie, but I have to tell you, I wasn’t won over by that teaser. I figured it was going to be one more kid’s movie I could pass up. More power to ya for trying to get the boys to want to see this movie too though. They used the same marketing scheme with Tangled.

Disney has not lost its touch in the slightest. Delightful characters, a good story, beautiful art, plenty of magic and mayhem, and a moral to it all. They do rein it back to their golden era, this movie definitely has that feel, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s their best since Beauty & The Beast. That’s a pretty tall order. But it’s just my opinion.

I did like that there wasn’t a real villain for a good portion of this movie. Disney has always been able to make awesome villains, and even before they do anything, you can always tell that they’re up no good. You recognize them as the bad guy. In this movie you’re kind of thrown for a loop. Actually, come to think of it, as much as Frozen relates to old Disney movies, this really is the first of its kind for Disney. In addition to the villain bit, this is the first princess to have a sibling.  Wait, scratch that, Ariel had sisters, but they weren’t part of the plot. This is also the first time there have been multiple princesses in one movie, as I believe Elsa and Anna make Disney’s twelfth and thirteenth princesses.

Our Disney princesses of old have always been, for lack of a different word, perfect. They’ve just reached this unattainable level of being beautiful, eloquent, and kind; some more than others maybe. But now I feel like Disney is creating more relatable characters. That’s one of the reasons why Kristen Bell likes her character Anna so much. She’s quirky and excited. She’s easier to connect with. I found both Elsa and Anna to be great, well-rounded characters. Hans and Olaf were pretty great too. That snowman is just so darn funny.

Take the entire family to see this one. There are plenty of characters for your little prince to like as well as your little princess. Definitely a keeper.

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