Monsters University

Released 6/21/13                              Rated: G

I thought this movie was great. I didn’t absolutely fall in love with it like I did the first one, but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with this movie. I figured I had this one pegged, but I am glad that I didn’t.

I didn’t feel tied to the world established in the first film. This movie sticks to the university setting, which is good and bad. On the one hand I loved the process and techniques involved in becoming a Scarer. The fact that the teaser poster included textbook titles such as Scareonomics, and The Power of Screams, just tickled me. I loved the classroom setting, and just going through the knowledge behind obtaining  this world’s source of power was really cool. On the other hand, the out of the classroom bits didn’t overly thrill me. Maybe it was a little too much like our world. The fraternity/sorority names were awesome! I only wish this didn’t make up the majority of the movie.

So the story goes: both Mike and Sulley get kicked out of the program, but enter a contest with their newly created outlaw fraternity to get back into the Scare Program. Multiple tests/tasks ensue to eliminate teams until only two remain, and then it’s on to the finale. During such tasks Mike and Sulley not only learn to work together, but to work as a team with their frat brothers.

So the message and moral is there, and the comedic value is there for the kiddies, but I would have personally liked a little more of a serious take on this film, more so like the first. Monsters Inc. was funny, but it was within the context of great plot. While I don’t feel like Monsters University said “let’s just be silly,” I feel like they didn’t quite get the balance that MI had.

My only real problem with this movie was the ending. I just don’t buy it; it doesn’t fit with the first movie. [SPOILER ALERT] I’m not convinced that Mike and Sully get kicked out of MU and work their way up Monsters Inc. from the mail room. I mean, it’s a great “You can get wherever you want with hard work and friends” message, but, sorry Pixar, just not biting that one.

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